About The BuildingAn Overview of the Building Layout

BusiNeighbor Veterans Center Building Diagram


The BusiNeighbor Veterans Center is set to be located in Stone Mountain on a bus-route for easy access in a strip mall near major grocery and retail resources.

More About The Design

The Building's design includes 14 rooms, a large community room, workout gym, a communications/computer section, bathrooms, reading/study area, wellness offices and kitchen, and more....


The New BusiNeighbor Veterans Center

The New BusiNeighbor Veterans Center is designed to offer a holistic environment for the veterans, spouses and children. Operating expenses are required to cover Receptionist, Operational Manager, Wellness/life coach, Wellness/life coach assistant, Program Director, Security Guard, Janitorial Service, Janitorial Service, Misc financial support to help homeless veterans with rent utilities, food pantry, clothing pantry, misc operating expenses, marketing, advertising, fundraising, and general office expenses, Annual Rent, (water included), Building Insurance, Lights, Phone, Internet & Cable

BusiNeighbor Inc., is a not-for-profit entity and will depend on donations and sponsors to bring this to fruition

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